Finding the right people at home is the first step towards helping the people of the world.

Stand-by roster recruitment

The HRM system developed for, and in collaboration with, aid organizations
HERO was designed to be an efficient Human Resources Management tool tailored to the special needs of aid organizations.
The system was developed in collaboration with the very organizations that need this kind of tool and use HERO today.
HERO is made up of a suite of modules that handle all aspects of an aid organization's human resources work.
We can help you combine these modules to create a system that gives you the exact functionality that your organization needs.


Our aim was to design an intuitive solution that is highly customizable to meet the requirements of each organization. Did we succeed? You can ask some of our users who have simplified their human resources administration with HERO.

HERO has been developed in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and the Danish Refugee Council.

Lately we are also proud to welcome Danish Emergency Management Agency, International Catholic Migration Commission and ALIMA as we bring them HERO to manage their humanitarian field staff.

HERO is tailored for the special needs and routines of aid organizations


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